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  • The bill seems to be addressing a lot of important issues and sets us in the right direction. It is amazing to me that all the issues are combined into one bill, males it difficult to digest all the details. What is the effect on Belmont, and specifically Belmont Light going to be? Will there be presentations on this bill that are open to the public?

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  • Responding here to your comment of Feb 17 above: Explain then the purpose of the 2011 ARA if it has no impact on those divorced before it was enacted ? You’re saying in essence that you agree the system is flawed – and voted accordingly, but are now satisfied in leaving the majority to live under the very system you voted to correct ? Why is this decision left in the hands of a single person I would like to ask, as clearly you have made up your mind on this issue ?

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  • Solar over parking is a great strategy.

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  • Dear Senator Brownsberger:

    It was very clear during the ARA process in 2011 that the intention was for the changes to apply to already-settled divorces. As to the argument that payees would have negotiated differently if they had known that the terms could be changed: Trust that my husband would have negotiated differently during his divorce from his ex-wife if he had had all the facts, as well. If he had known she had been siphoning money from his paychecks during their entire marriage and had secret accounts; if he had known she had been cheating on him …

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