About this site

Site Purpose and Uses

State Senator Brownsberger represents the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District in Massachusetts.

This site serves two primary purposes:

  • It is a resource for all who may be interested in issues that Senator Brownsberger and his team are working on.
  • It is a forum for dialog among Senator Brownsberger and his constituents.

As of August 1, 2018, we have formalized a policy reflecting these dual purposes:

  • The website remains open for viewing to all.
  • We publish comments only from constituents, former constituents and residents of the north Allston area.
  • Screen names that disguise identity will be accepted, but only where true identity is verifiable.

We include former constituents for continuity.  Former constituents include residents of Arlington and North and West Cambridge and people who have moved away.  We include residents in the north Allston area because they tend to have the same local concerns as current constituents in the Allston-Brighton part of my district and we collaborate with adjacent legislators in serving them.

For more discussion and explanation of our participation policy, please see this post.

Browsing Privacy

This website does not collect any information about you individually, except when you comment. When you comment, it captures your internet address and the data that you enter yourself along with your comment. The data you enter yourself does include your email address, but that email address is kept confidential and used only for follow up on the comment (if follow up is necessary).

To protect your privacy this website does not include any advertisements or use Google Analytics or a Google Custom Search Engine. Instead:

  • Other than data supplied by you when you comment, we do not store, share or use any data that might allow us or anyone else to identify you or profile you socially or target you personally. We use Matomo without using javascript or loading tracking cookies on your device. To maximize your privacy, we use Matomo log analytics to analyze traffic sources and pages viewed based only on the basic site access log that all sites maintain.
  • We use native WordPress search for non-tracking site search.

The basic access logs do give us a rough ability to consolidate repeat visits from the same IP address and device type so that we can tabulate new vs. returning visitors. We use no tools that would allow us to link IP addresses to individuals or to precise locations, so the data is effectively anonymous. If you wish to completely avoid even this effectively anonymous visit logging, you can set the Do Not Track privacy setting on your browser, which Matomo respects.

Email Subscription Privacy

If you subscribe to our email list, we will keep your email private. We send only news to the email list and we will never share it. You will never receive political solicitations as a result of signing up for it. We do not track your open or click activity on the emails we send to you. You can unsubscribe easily at any time.