Waltham woman at front of sex abuse battle

The Waltham News Tribune? reported on the legal victory of Waltham native Rosanne Sliney, who won her “fight against child sex abuse laws last week when the Massachusetts Supreme Court reaffirmed a 2014 law? extending the statute of limitations for lawsuits filed by victims of child sex abuse.” Rosanne shared her story at a press conference held at the office of her attorney Carmen Durso. Anne Johnson Landry, Senator Brownsberger’s Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor, attended and shared, “Rosanne’s story was really compelling and I think spoke to the need for reform in a way that showed that the three year statute of limitation just didn’t make any sense.” Senator Brownsberger was a one of the co-authors of the legislation.

Women Lead in Child Sexual Abuse Statute Of Limitations Reform

Will writes: Last Thursday, something historic happened: The Governor signed into law a bill giving survivors of sexual child abuse much more time to bring law suits against their abusers. I hope that the message of support we sent last week will help adult survivors of child abuse, both men and women, to shed remaining pain, shame and confusion about searing events in the distant past that were beyond their adult control. I also hope that the extended statute of limitations will help to protect children in the future from abuse.

Senate Passes Bill to Extend Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse

The Senate on Thursday passed a bill to extend the statute of limitations in civil child sex abuse cases. announced.

“The changes in this bill are essential for protecting the victims of sexual abuse and holding the perpetrators accountable for their actions,” Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) said. “Often, it takes time for victims to truly come to terms with their abuse, especially if the incident happened when they were children, and we should extend the window of opportunity that allows them to call for justice.”