The Future of Bridgewater State Hospital

On Tuesday afternoon, the Baker administration unveiled its comprehensive plan to transform Bridgewater State Hospital from a correctional facility to a more clinically focused health treatment center. According to Secretary of Public Safety and Security Dan Bennett, 190 correctional officers will be removed from Bridgewater’s interior and stationed in alternative locations, including the facility’s exterior. […]

Heroin Epidemic

My wife and her friends, who see and feel the devastation first hand, have the right idea. A lot of these girls, mainly girls in our world, need a home, decent food, therapy yes, but more than anything they need isolation from the drug itself until they can be pronounced cured. And that takes a lot of time and a lot of commitment, something the mothers can provide if the resources are there.

Special Committee on Section 35 & Drug Addiction

Senate President Murray announced the creation of a Special Committee on drug addiction issues with a particular focus on “Section 35” which pertains to involuntary commitments of persons with substance abuse issues to treatment.  I look forward to serving on the committee — Massachusetts faces an epidemic of substance abuse  and I’ve long had a […]

Permanent Drug Collection Kiosk Installed in Brighton

The Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force has announced a permanent collection kiosk for residents looking to safely and easily dispose of prescription and non-prescription medication.   Residents can now find a self-serve MedReturn Kiosk in the lobby of the Boston Police Department D-14 at 301 Washington St. in Brighton.  No questions will be asked to those who use the kiosk to drop off […]

Mental Health services losing ground?

Did your office find whether the Kaiser Foundation report on Massachusetts funding of Mental Health was accurate?  In that report, Massachusetts was reported as paying significantly less per capita than any New England state, save Rhode Island, for Mental Health Services. The difference was startling. A recent SAMSHA report stated that 1 in 5  (19.9%) of American adults […]