Beer Distributor Reform

In today’s (Thur) Globe (front of Business section) there is piece about removing the archaic restrictions where brewers are essentially held hostage by distributors. There is a bill before the Senate to reform that.The head of the Beer Distributors of Mass, Bill Kelley, whines on about how this change would hurt working families. Cry me […]

Forces arbitration in user agreements

Hi Will, I was just reading an article in today’s NT Times regarding the increasing use of arbitration clauses by major corporations like American Express, Discover, Netfilx, EBay, etc in their user agreements. To quote the article: “By inserting individual arbitration clauses into a soaring number of consumer and employment contracts, companies like American Express […]

H.3383, An Act relative to the digital right to repair

Senator Brownsberger has recently submitted the testimony in this post on H.3383, An Act relative to the digital right to repair. He supports the bill, which would require manufacturers of digital electronic products to make parts, tools, diagnostic equipment and repair information available to anyone at a fair and reasonable cost.