Proposed MBTA Fare Increases

Today, I attended a briefing on the MBTA’s proposed fare increase with Transportation Secretary Rich Davey and MBTA Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Davis.  The MBTA is considering increasing fares in response to last year’s transportation fiance overhaul that directs the MBTA to generate an increasing share of its own revenue.  As part of last year’s […]

2nd Suffolk & Middlesex MBTA Route Performance Indicators

All of the above data was culled from the MBTA’s Route Performance Indicators.  You can view see a set of statistics for all bus routes here.  The ridership counts are estimates based on a survey conducted in the fall of 2010 using Automated Passenger Counters and manual counts, not fare box information. Terminology: Route Type […]

The MBTA in the 2013-4 legislative session

My top priority in the first leg of the 2013-14 session will be strengthening the MBTA. The maintenance backlog and service challenges of the MBTA have drawn wide attention. But we need to do much more than stabilize the existing system. We need to increase the capacity of the busiest routes on the system. Much […]