Watertown Bus Statistics

The MBTA recently released the 2014 Blue Book – a compendium of statistics, facts and figures about MBTA service systemwide. In light of recent conversations about bus capacity in Watertown, I decided to take a closer look at the statistics in the new Blue Book for routes serving Watertown: Watertown is currently served by 10 […]

2nd Suffolk & Middlesex MBTA Route Performance Indicators

All of the above data was culled from the MBTA’s Route Performance Indicators.  You can view see a set of statistics for all bus routes here.  The ridership counts are estimates based on a survey conducted in the fall of 2010 using Automated Passenger Counters and manual counts, not fare box information. Terminology: Route Type […]

Watertown Town Council weighs in on bus service issues

The Watertown Town Council has transmitted a letter to the MBTA expressing concerns and offering collaboration for service improvement. Letter to MBTA, 03-20-2014 Representatives Hecht and Lawn and I have been in close contact with the Town Council. In addition to 71 and 73 issues, the council is also concerned about the 70 and the […]