Waverley Square Bus Service During Construction

From the Belmont Town Engineer, Glenn Clancy, in response to the question of where to get on the bus during the next couple of months of construction in Waverley Square.

Church Street will be temporarily a one way from Trapelo Road to Lexington Street. Buses will enter Church from Trapelo Road, pull down Church Street and turn onto Lexington Street where they will queue up along the delta. As discussed in a meeting last week with the MBTA, the T is supposed to have “bus stop moved” signs in place on Church Street and temporary bus stop signs should also be in place along Lexington Street.

The temporary one way on Church Street is to allow the contractor to remove the tracks in Church Street. Once the tracks are removed (a week or so) two way flow will return however the buses will continue to queue on Lexington Street until the parking lot is reconstructed (end of May)

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Published by Will Brownsberger

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