HI How about raising the Mass Pike Tolls a little. The Cambridge/Allston tolls have been 1.25 since as far as I can remember. Why not raise it to 1.50 and use that money to pay the Big Dig Loan? It’s not fair that public transportation is shouldering the burden of these loans for roads that automobiles benefit most from.

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  1. There is a very widespread misconception that the T is paying for the Big Dig. The T is not paying debt on roads at all. It is paying debt on transit projects like Blue Line modernization which were undertaken in conjunction with the Big Dig, but not at all for the roads. The Turnpike users are, in fact, paying much of the debt on the tunnels and many of them who don’t use the tunnels also perceive that as unfair.

    See this Boston Globe Story for more on the debt history.

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