Additional Information from MBTA Management

The MBTA caucus in the legislature (led by Rep. Sean Garballey and Sen. Pat Jehlen) has had the General Manager of the MBTA, Jon Davis, into the State House a several times to ask questions about the budget situation.

Mr. Davis has been very forthcoming with information and recently produced this very comprehensive package for us.

The package includes:

  1. The D’Allesandro Review of the MBTA’s financial condition.
  2. Information on parking lots and garages
  3. Information on snow removal costs
  4. HOV lane traffic counts
  5. A 10 year spending breakdown
  6. A 10 year revenue breakdown
  7. A 30 year debt service schedule
  8. An analysis of subsidy by mode of transportation
  9. Ridership data for the commuter rail
  10. Breakdown of savings efforts
  11. Alternative service reduction options
  12. Definitions of the service areas of the Ride
  13. Discussion of the E line decision
  14. A statement regarding municipal assessments for the T
  15. An update on reforms proposed by the Transportation Finance Commission

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

5 replies on “Additional Information from MBTA Management”

  1. Will – has there been any movement in the legislature to provide additional sources of funding to the MBTA? Any actual legislative proposals in development? I have not seen any indication in the news of the House or Senate trying to address this issue.

    1. It’s clear that the MBTA Board has to take a position first. What we have now is staff proposals that are out for comment. Management is certainly getting a lot of negative feedback. From an accountability standpoint, it is important the MBTA figure out what they really can do with what they have. Once that has happened — expect early April — then the legislature may intervene.

      Clearly the legislature needs to develop a long term solution. There is a building sense among many of us that we should and will intervene in FY13, but we have to wait until the MBTA takes their process a little further.

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