In the Press: As Free Transit Gains Momentum Across U.S., It’s A Big Boston Mayoral Race Topic

Click here to read this week’s piece from WBUR about the growing movement to cut fares on parts of the MBTA, featuring a quote from Senator Brownsberger.

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  1. Are companies paying their fair share to the MBTA to have their workers delivered to them everyday? The region is not suited for unlimited growth.

  2. The Better Bus topic is closed, but I just want to say that the #75 change really works in my favor! I was dubious at first. Now that my bus avoids the mess at the Fresh Pond rotaries the trip is better. To be sure , it takes 35-40 mins to drive to work vs. 1 1/2 hour by T (2 hours really because you have to factor in frequent Red/Orange line delays.)

    Thank for alerting me to the BBP back then, Fred

    1. The pandemic has shown that The subway really moves when no one is getting on and off the trains! The subways need a “Big Dig” to remove bottlenecks. If we widen last century’s narrow platforms to fit this century’s population, add escalators and the like we can run more trains.

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