Improvements to Symphony Station

In response to feedback we received from constituents at this year’s annual Green Line Meeting, the MBTA undertook a comprehensive¬† maintenance/rehabilitation project at Symphony Station.¬† We heard from Fenway residents that the station was poorly maintained, dirty and unwelcoming.¬† MBTA maintenance made the following improvements:

New light gray paint at entrances:


New dark gray paint


Tile clean and repair, ceilings scraped and painted, black trim, stair risers, base, doors, light bulbs replaced, glass cleaning:


Column repair:


Damaged wall/information cabinet:

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This project is a product of neighborhood advocacy, great job by Fenway residents and great job by the MBTA!

Andrew Bettinelli
Legislative Aide
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger



7 replies on “Improvements to Symphony Station”

  1. this is great, but Symphony services a lot of us seniors who are supporting various cultural groups, and the stairs are a problem, as is the wind that tears down them. we look forward to accessibility.

  2. Nice job on the entrances. Several problems remain.

    1. In rainy weather, like today, the stair landings on the Inbound side are flooded because the small, side drains are inoperable…either stopped up or the innards have disintegrated. This has been going on since 2001.

    2. The new Information Board is nice but empty.

    3. The Inbound track wall remains almost black with soot and gauged out areas near the bottom.

    4. There still is no area map to assist persons looking for Symphony Hall, NU, or the Christian Science area.

    5. Today a person with luggage could not use her individual one time card to enter the Inbound side as the turnstiles say only Smart Cards. I used my card to open the turnstile for her.

    Looking for more progress,
    Jane Hartmann

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