Katherine Clark joins Quiet SkiesCaucus

From Congresswoman Clark:

Clark Teams Up With ‘Quiet Skies Caucus’ to Urge FAA Cooperation on Aircraft Noise

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Katherine Clark has teamed up with 11 U.S. House Members in the newly formed Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus. The group has assembled to advocate on behalf of communities impacted by aircraft noise from nearby flight paths. Recent changes implemented as a result of a new area navigation path (RNAV) from Logan International Airport have led to an increase in air traffic noise. Earlier this year, Clark met with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials to outline the concerns of affected residents in communities in the 5th Congressional District. The Quiet Skies Caucus aims to advance legislation addressing aircraft noise, and to offer a national forum for working with the FAA and airport officials to address the concerns of residents.

Clark is actively working with local and state leaders to engage the FAA. Clark says, “Airplane noise is a serious quality of life issue for many residents of my district. We continue to examine environmental impact and noise abatement, demand that communities have a real opportunity to raise concerns and stay informed about potential impacts on their residents, and ensure that the FAA is complying with regulations governing changes to air traffic.”

In addition to work at the national level, Clark’s district operation is closely monitoring the progress made at Logan, including through the FAA’s Boston Logan Airport Noise Study (BLANS).

Congresswoman Clark and her office have been very engaged in trying to address noise concerns.

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