Bus maintenance

As you know, the 351 bus recently changed to fewer runs and longer between bus timing as well as an increase in fare. This run services only the weekday timing and is all workers for many Massachusetts key companies such as Mitre Corp., Oracle and Leahy which contribute to stubstantial employment and revenue for the state and communities. Most every rider uses only public transportation to get to work as either they don’t want to drive have no car or can’t for a variety of reasons. It is the only option.
The conditon of the buses used is questionable as they have experienced many breakdowns requiring the riders to walk distances of over a mile to get to work or to the Alewife hub. This is both dangerous as well as highly difficult for these riders.
Is the bus maintenace on a plan so that this stops? thank you.

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  1. Thanks, Joanne.

    If we can get the Governor’s transportation plan through, there should be substantial new funds for bus maintenance. There is bus maintenance money anyway, but it should get a lot better if we can get the funding in place to improve it.

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