Belmont-Trapelo Corridor Project — FAQ

When are we going to repave Belmont Street and Trapelo Road? The project took a decade to get underway, but it finally started last fall.  The contractor is working through the winter installing new storm drainage grates and piping. The goal for 2014 is to complete paving from the Waltham line to the west side of […]

Governor signs four Belmont home rule bills

Governor Deval Patrick has signed into law all four of the Belmont Home Rule petitions that were approved by last April’s Belmont Town Meeting. The first, Chapter 11 of the Acts of 2014, authorizes the state’s Commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey 15.6 acres of land at the old incinerator site on […]

Boston Transportation Study Proposal

Senator Brownsberger, Representative Livingstone and Representative Rushing have been working with transportation officials to develop a study that would examine capacity constraints of the roadways and public transportation system in Boston.  Senator Brownsberger anticipates working with all of the members of the Boston delegation as this process moves forward.  The following proposal was submitted to […]

Anesthesiology Practice Issues

There are two competing email campaigns going on right now — one waged by a group of nurse anesthetists and the other by a group of physician anesthesiologists. Samples of the emails appear further below. A pair of bills are pending which would allow trained nurses to administer anesthesia without the supervision of a physician. […]

Overview of the Governor’s Budget

Quite appropriately, Governor Patrick’s Fiscal 2015 budget continues and extends the priorities he has defined together with the legislature over the past 8 years.  It does not propose major new initiatives. Total proposed Fiscal 2015 budgetary spending is $36.4 billion — up $1.7 billion or 4.9% over projected Fiscal 2014 budgetary spending.  This growth is […]