Boston Transportation Study Proposal

Senator Brownsberger, Representative Livingstone and Representative Rushing have been working with transportation officials to develop a study that would examine capacity constraints of the roadways and public transportation system in Boston.  Senator Brownsberger anticipates working with all of the members of the Boston delegation as this process moves forward.  The following proposal was submitted to the Central Transportation Planning Staff for consideration for the FFY 2015 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP):

January 30, 2014

Clinton Bench,Chair
Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization
State Transportation Building
10 Park Plaza, Suite 2150
Boston, MA 02116-3968

Dear Mr. Bench,

As you prepare the Unified Planning Work Program for the Central Transportation Planning Staff, I would like to propose a study to consider for your agenda.  The transportation systems in the city of Boston and the surrounding communities are heavily utilized.  It is important that these transportation systems are able to meet current demand and accommodate future growth.   I therefore request a study that would do the following:

  • Document, for current conditions, where there are capacity constraints on the transportation systems in the city of Boston and the surrounding communities.  The transportation systems are defined as the roadway system and the MBTA transit system.   
  • Quantify how future developments will impact transportation systems.  To what extent will congestion limit future development?    
  •  Examine possible major transportation system investments with an emphasis on transit investments in the study area.  Will they suffice to meet projected demand?

I am, as a legislator, particularly concerned with the transportation systems serving Back Bay and Longwood, but I recognize that a more holistic look is necessary. 

I appreciate your consideration. 

Respectfully submitted,

Senator William N. Browsberger

Second Suffolk and Middlesex

The original can be viewed here.

The UPWP development schedules and processes can be viewed here.

Andrew Bettinelli
Legislative Aide
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger