Governor signs four Belmont home rule bills

Governor Deval Patrick has signed into law all four of the Belmont Home Rule petitions that were approved by last April’s Belmont Town Meeting.

The first, Chapter 11 of the Acts of 2014, authorizes the state’s Commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey 15.6 acres of land at the old incinerator site on Concord Avenue to the town for recreation, public works or other municipal purposes.

Chapter 15  increases the number of restaurant beer and wine licenses by 8 and Chapter 16 increases the number of retail liquor licenses in Belmont by three (one full alcohol and two wine and beer).  The existing licenses have had a positive impact on the town’s economic development, which resulted in the request for an increase.

Chapter 17 formalizes the position of Town Administrator and clarifies the duties of the position.  The Government Structure Review Committee recommended these changes to the 2013 Town Meeting.



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  1. This new town bylaw becomes effective February 6, 2014, having been approved by the Attorney General. This was not a home rule petition that required action by the Legislature.

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