Tobacco Taxation

I’ve recently received some correspondence along the following lines: Dear Senator William Brownsberger: Please vote no on an ACROSS THE BOARD tobacco tax increase. Smokeless tobacco does not pose the same health threats and general repugnancy as do cigarettes (with the exception of spittoons as ground litter.). Cigarette smoke affects lungs(aerobic fitness potential, etc.), nearby […]

S210, An Act relative to safe and supportive schools

Senator Brownsberger submitted the following written testimony to the Joint Committee on Education. TO:                  Joint Committee on Education FROM:            Senator William N. Brownsberger RE:                   Senate Bill 210, An Act Relative to Safe and Supportive Schools DATE:             May 29, 2013 I am writing in favor of S210, An Act Relative to Safe and Supportive Schools. This […]

Senate Passes Budget

Wednesday and Thursday of last week were long days as we plowed through 725 budget amendments.  It was a relatively smooth year with fewer controversial issues.  The budget was tight, but fewer programs were taking deep cuts so there was less anxiety overall than there has been for the past few years. My biggest concerns […]