SOL child sex abuse.

Mr. Brownsberger
I am an ex Green Beret who graduate #1 in my class at the JFK Special Warefare school located at Ft Bragg, who was drugged and raped while attending the Fessenden school by a Teacher who drugged me while I was sleeping. CBS News broke my story and when I told my parents back then my mom did not believe me. I then went to the principal, who was involved with this evil gang, and thats when the real physiological torture to place( sleep deprivation, blowing kisses at me in the shower etc. For decades this abuse went on and it was only after Penn State that I was able to come forward, which was the hardest thing I ever had to do.I have had PTSD for over 44 years now, and still going through Therapy. These pedophile teachers turned their students into drug addicts and sex.for their pleasure.See the Revere sex scandal. Because of the trauma I received, I buried deep inside me the horrors that I went through while attending Fessenden. I want my DAY in Court now that I’ve been able to realize what happened to me to cause me to disassociated all my life.If this was your son or daughter what would you want to see done. Because I turn 55 in June 2013 your bill punishes me since it does not allow me to have my day in court. You say that peoples memories fade, not mine or any other sex abuse victim. We will never forget! It should be left for a Jury to decide in light of the experts that have testified how young children bury this trauma.Please reconsider you bill and abolish the SOL. Shame is a horrible feeling for a little boy or girl to deal with, who bury that shame deep inside their souls for years.


John Sweeney
Raped 1969

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  1. Thanks, John, for coming forward with your story.

    As I hope you know, movement to 55 is a huge extension of the statute, so I’m trying to go in the direction that you want to go.

    I am sorry it doesn’t quite reach your case. I do agree with your recommendation and, as one legislator, I would be happy to support full abolition of the statute for victims of childhood rape by adults.

    The challenge is getting the bill through the legislature. I’m not sure where the spot is that we can make progress. We need to overcome the objections of institutions and insurers who fear expansion of their financial liability.

  2. Senator:

    Why should you be worried about the financial institutions whose lobbyists have fought tooth and nail to keep justice away from victims like myself? It’s the children that were abused that need justice. Not the financial institutions.

    John Sweeney
    Raped 1969

  3. Thanks again, John, for sharing your story — you speak for many.

    I am 100% on your side.

    I am not “worried” about the financial institutions — I’m just telling you who we have to beat to get this legislation passed.

  4. Senator,

    As you know from my testimony at the May 7th hearing I have a case that is not affected by the Catholic Church or any institution, only an individual pedophile rapist. I realize that a lot of the cases looking for justice are against institutions that have insurance companies and their own finances at stake but even these cases should not be denied justice by finally updating our antiquated laws. Money is not the only reason victim/survivors are asking laws to be passed. Unveiling a pedophile is the main reason…

    I am appalled at the delays in the Judiciary Committee’s decision to move forward with these bills. “We the People” elect you and need your protection and justice now. When will you all hear the cries of the horrors being relived in our minds. You know the statistics, 1 in 4 girls and the 1 in 6 boys! You know the studies show that repression of trauma occurs and that only when a victim/survivor feels safe and strong enough to cope with the pain of healing is that person able to come forward. A process that took me personally 40 years!

    Be brave for us Senator, we don’t have money to lobby you like the financial or religious institutions…we only have our small voices pleading for your help.


  5. Madeline, I too am a former abuse victim and have posted my story on Senator Brownsberger’s blog.Do you know if the Judiciary has a non favorable vote or if they are stalling because my Attorney, Mitch Gatrabedian says there were some flaws in the bill that needed to be fixed before it came out of the committee. Both S633 and H1455 had flaws in the bill. I do know that the Senator is now for total abolishment of the SOL. All we can do is hope that our politicians are not in the pocket of the lobbyists. we all have to continue to fight and never give up. Hang in there.


    John Sweeney
    Raped 1969

  6. John,

    Stalling, flaws, its a repeat of last year. I have been neglected and abused all my life by almost all of the people I’ve been close to. Sometimes I feel like giving up on this world and believe there will be justice only in the next realm. These pedophile rapists and the people that allow them to continue will have to face the Creator someday and account for their actions then. That is the only true justice, not man’s laws which are flawed and defended by evil in this world.

    I have spoken with so many survivors this year and heard their horrendous stories and they’ve heard mine. These individuals are the only people I now have a true bond with as they are the only ones that understand what our experiences have done to our souls. Thank you for your encouragement.


  7. Senator:

    Cam you please update any information as to when SOL reform will be voted on in the Judiciary Committee?

    John Sweeney

  8. Thanks, John.

    I can’t — I wish I knew. I’ve been working to encourage that action, but so far no word. I’m also talking with a number of people to identify additional ways to encourage that action.

  9. Senator Brownsberger and Representative Lawn have submitted a letter, signed by over 100 legislators, to the Senate President and Speaker of the House, expressing their eagerness “for the opportunity to vote to abolish or retroactively extend the statute of limitations on civil lawsuits for childhood sexual abuse.”

    Read more about their efforts here:

    Anne Johnson Landry
    Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor
    Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

  10. Thank you Anne, Senator Brownsberger and Representative Lawn!!! Many Kudos from all of us that are abuse victims and survivors!! I think I can safely speak for the group of us. This should put the ‘thoughts about the SOL bills’ back into the forefront of the minds of the Speaker and President so that they may push the bills forward. Is there anything that we can do as survivors that may be recommended to ‘push’ the issues onto the floor? Do you think we need another session with them to reiterate what was already said or a sit in at the state house? You all would know best on what will help as what we have been doing as advocates has not faired the results we want. We need a new approach and any and all ideas are welcome!! Hopefully, the letter will be enough to push the bills out of committee and to the floor. Thanks again for what you have done to help so far. Warmest regards, Beth Donahue
    For anyone that is looking to get in touch with me, I don’t have my computer running and had to change my phone number. If you want to get in touch with me, email me at or call me at 321-480-6218.

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