Welfare Fraud (15 Responses)

The State Auditors scathing report on Welfare Fraud yesterday confirms my and many others suspicions that the Welfare System is ripe with massive fraud. Taxpayers are outraged at the protectionism the Welfare System has been getting from lawmakers. There will be backlash from the citizenry/voters over this. If we are to give money out, it is only fair we demand verification of essential need and identification. You need to re-think your position on this issue. My proposals sent to you the other day are all exactly what is needed to correct the problem. I have been telling you for several years this problem exists and you have been in denial. I hope the new evidence is enough to make you do a 180.
1. Welfare periods needs to be shortened to promote aggressive work search.
2. Able bodied welfare recipients should have to earn the money by having to report to a local welfare coordinator who will assess their talents and assign them to highway departments, libraries, parks departments, cemeteries, schools, senior centers, etc. They should be allowed reasonable time for job searching or attending job training programs. This program will not only assist the communities with essential work, but give incentive to find work and leave the welfare rolls.
3. Those on welfare must be subject to random drug tests and removal if a test is positive.
4. They must prove U.S. Citizenship, not residence. We cannot afford to be a magnet state for illegal aliens or lazy people from other parts of the country that come to Mass for handouts.
5. All welfare recipients shall be fingerprinted and photographed. Fingerprints shall be filed and a photo card issued.
6. EBT cards will not have cash access and shall be used to only purchase essential items such as foods and medicines.
7. They shall sign a form stating the penalty they face for fraud of use.
8. Those committing a crime while on welfare shall be removed immediately.
9. Those on welfare shall not receive increases for additional births unless the woman was pregnant at the time of application.
10. A fraud hot-line should be setup to report witnessed or suspected fraud.
11. Local Police Departments, upon notification and in coordination with State Welfare Investigators, must be allowed to investigate and prosecute fraud cases of their own residents.
David Benoit

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