Vote to discuss noncompete reform with Gov. Patrick

The Mass Technology Leadership Council is hosting an online poll on ideas to discuss with Gov. Patrick at their annual meeting. Please vote for noncompete reform! As of today, it’s 5th on the list but only 25 votes behind the 2nd place topic.

One reply on “Vote to discuss noncompete reform with Gov. Patrick”

  1. Excerpts from coverage of the event:

    – From Boston Business Journal at :

    …“By any of these measures, the Boston area is falling behind,” (Gov. Patrick) said. The reason, he said, is that those non-compete clauses decrease the available workforce for high-tech jobs. “Non-compete agreements are really restraining startups here.”

    – From Venturefizz at :

    “One of the more interesting moments of the idea exchange occurred when the Governor was questioned by Branko Gerovac on the subject of non-compete agreements…” (see the article for interesting details)

    “Scott Kirsner then related a story about a trip to Pinterest where the hallways were populated with former Facebook employees who migrated from one innovative company to another, something non-competes would prevent from happening in Massachusetts.”

    “Governor Patrick first stated that there were “a lot of tech sector leaders who are very much on the opposite side of this question.” Yet, the Governor later added, “I am not practicing law anymore but I have some serious doubts as a lawyer whether a [sic] non-compete is even enforceable in Massachusetts.””

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