Share news and thoughts about storm surge.

Preparation for storm surge is a key area of concern for me in this legislative session. See this early post on the issue and this update.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. Issues beautifully summarized! I’ll keep reminding everybody that architect-planner Antonio DiMambro recommended considering a series of flood barriers at the Deer Island end of Boston Harbor’s natural protective islands (left by the receding glaciers). More than any other urban area (except the low-lying areas east of San Francisco), our Greater Boston metropolitan area could envisage a storm surge barrier even with an anticipated major sea level rise. With some foresight we could protect the assets of not only Boston and Cambridge, but of many adjacent cities and towns as well.

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  2. Great article – definitely important to focus increasing attention on how to prepare our communities for major weather events, as they are becoming more and more common and are projected to continue in that way, and with growing intensity. I appreciate leaders such as yourself raising awareness about this issue and working to get timely action.

  3. In the end the Insurance companies will be the change agents, as they have been far too many times. When they become the drivers of change, it’s usually because government has had the planning and/or will to take on the obvious. Fact finding trip to the Netherlands Will?

  4. Architects, planners and developers, prepare now for an inland construction boom! Land speculators rejoice!

  5. Earlier this week, the Boston Globe published interactive graphics that demonstrate the impact that varying levels of sea level rise would have on Boston neighborhoods:

    Last weekend, a new study was published that found that the East Coast will bear a disproportionate impact of sea level rise globally:

    Anne Johnson Landry
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