Update regarding 73 Service

Many are waiting for answers regarding the perceived deterioration of 73 service. I had the occasion to get an informal response from the MBTA on this issue today:

  • MBTA staff have reviewed your comments at this website.
  • They have received my letter further conveying concerns.
  • They agree that there has been a meaningful deterioration of service, based on reviewing a number of metrics available to them, like on-time performance, dropped trips, bunching, etc.
  • Operational managers are working on improvements and are hopeful that they can address some of the problems.
  • A more formal response will be forthcoming.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

2 replies on “Update regarding 73 Service”

  1. Thank you Mr. Brownsberger for addressing this issue head on with the MBTA. I have written and called several times and have been advised that there is no plan to increase resources on the 73 bus route. I am delighted to see that you have gotten the attention of the MBTA administration. I can also advise you of several incidents in which bus drivers of the 73 bus have opened the door to the bus at a berth several berths down the tunnel from the official 73 berth, resulting in a stampede of people who fill the bus before those of us who have been waiting at the designated spot have the opportunity to board. This has happened three times during evening rush hour at 5:00pm. Getting on the bus wherever it loads has become an almost dangerous proposition, I am truly frightened that someone will get trampled. This commute significantly affects the quality of life of those of us who depend on it every day and more often than not takes me 90 minutes to get home from the West End/North Station each evening. Thank you so much for your help with this matter.

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