So what now?

So, we all know now that companies seek to protect certain intellectual property and business interests. What about the interests of the individuals working for these companies to have a career?

I’ve posted a couple of times now. My former employer finally stopped threatening me after I gave no response to a drafted complaint they issued against me. To paraphrase, the employer purported that I stole my non-compete from HR files claiming I might have done so while the company was amidst a move. Isn’t that some kind of admission of negligence on their part for not keeping confidential HR files secure?

So what now?

I was brow beat for 3 months, my current employer dragged into it, they defamed my character, brought untold amounts of stress to my family and what recourse do I HAVE? Keep in mind, we’re not talking about just losing a job in this economy, the non-compete would further prevent me from working in my industry for 2 years and if injunction relief were granted I’d have been left with no income to pay my mortgate nevermind $25k in attorney fees that 4 separate lawyers estimated.

Maybe this is a case for criminal harassment?

Unfortunately things like this never get better by themselves, in fact they typically get worse. To be clear, this is a real predatory interpretation of non-competes that has been evoked by a former employer. I know of at least two more employees, of higher rank than myself, one in sales and another in operations, who have both since left the company, work for a competitor or within the industry and have not a single whisper of lawsuit. So why was I singled out?

The commonwealth needs to realize that as one of the highest tax rates of any state, the only thing that separates us from others, besides our beautiful weather, is the people that inhabit it. By preventing workers from competing we must also realize that we will also be preventing the next generation of entrepreneurs from getting their businesses started. We seem to put all our eggs in the “high tech” & “lifesciences” baskets. The biggest competition for that is California and they go big on the west coast.

There is just not enough being said about guys and girls in my situation, whether lawsuit by a former employer is acted upon or non-compete just looms keeping them in one place underpaid and ultimately underemployed.

Michael Doyle

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  1. Thanks for speaking out, Michael.

    You are not alone. There are a great many others who have had experiences like the one you have had — although your sounds particularly bad.

    I do believe that the legislation that we have pending will make a big difference. The trick is to get it passed. We remain hopeful and committed to the project.

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