I’m envious of Waltham for scoring the new BJ’s Club.

Hello, Will

There is a new BJ’s Club going into a large parcel of land in Waltham (or is it Watertown).  Today I read that Lowe’s was interested in going into Brighton.  Do we not have a parcel of town property large enough to accommodate an anchor store the likes of a Lowe’s?  Preferably this property would be adjacent to a highway… Just asking.


Nancy Oteri

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    In Belmont, the list of town surplus property includes mostly tiny slivers of land that people gave rather than pay taxes on them. We went through a process a few years ago to unload the few developable pieces (in all cases for residential use).

    The only places big enough that are owned by the town are spoken for with town functions — high school playing fields, the town yard. The incinerator site up on Concord Avenue is surplus, but it is probably too remote and I’m not sure it is big enough and many people feel strongly about the conservation value of the site.

    Thanks for writing in!


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