Save this forest


I know you are doing all you can to save this beautiful area – a gem in such an urban area.  Why can’t the government use the money they are giving the developer, to save this area?     There certainly are enough people who are passionate about this forested area so that if it were saved, it could be an absolute treasure and useful in so many ways.     Why does someone feel compelled to destroy this area for housing, when so many other areas could be used.    Why does the greed of a developer outweigh simple natural beauty?   I somehow don’t think this developer is building ‘affordable housing” because he has a sincere desire to help people.   Such a development will only put money in his pocket.  If he was so benevolent, he’d realize the destruction he is doing.

Wake up Governor!   Once this forest is gone, it’s gone forever!   There are not too many areas like this left.

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