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I moved to Belmont with my husband three years ago. We both work in Downtown Boston and were extremely excited to live off of the 73 Bus because it came every 6 minutes and got us to Harvard Square so quickly for our commute. A few months ago, the buses changed from the electric buses to the diesel buses and since then our commutes both to and from work have been AWFUL. The buses are overcrowded. They don’t run as quickly. They are hard to stand up in. They are dirty. They are old. We’re not sure the reasoning behind running these diesel buses, and wouldn’t care normally, but just don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get these to run smoothly anymore! It should not make a difference. All we know is that a bus ride that used to take 15 minutes for us now takes approximately 45. We were told by the MBTA that some stops were to be removed as well to eliminate the need to stop every 100 feet, and that never happened. There are 3-4 stops by the Oak Hill Country Club that if you threw a baseball from one to the next, you could hit the people standing there. We are really hoping someone can review how horrible this service has been lately and get us back to the well-run, fast bus service that we pay for (a lot!) each month! Thank you.

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  1. MBTA Bus Schedule for # 73 should be updated. Current Weekday Schedule states that a ride from Waverly Square with an arrival at Mt. Auburn Bridge and Arriving finally at Harvard Station take 24 Minutes which is completely wrong. The entire ride from on peak hour between 0745 thru 8.45 takes at the minimum 45 Minutes one way. Bus $73 stops every 100 yards, it is packed, stinks, cramped and even when the bus is filled the operator stops to take in more passengers while there is an empty #73 right behind the cramped # 73. I live off of Beech street the bus never comes on time and if it comes it packs up like crazy and take a good 45 minutes to get to Harvard. MBTA is not doing anything to improve performance. Riding the bus or T is not cheap anymore its expensive.

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