Recycle day

“Recycle that” has been engaged by the town recycle co-ordinator to collect books.
They collect, then sell. No money goes to the town.
I spoke with the town co-ordinator, Mary Beth Calanan, in the spring. about books going to inner city classrooms, hospitals, day care centers, prisons.
She said this would be too much work for her. In addition, the company had already been engaged.

According to the Belmont Citizen, 1349 pounds of books were collected in the spring.

could the policy not be changed for the fall recycle day?

In addition, many towns have a “swap shop” at the local dump, people can bring, take items,
the recycle co-ordinator has participated in this activity at dumps on the cape.
Could she not implement this policy in Belmont, MA?

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  1. @Will Brownsberger. Why would Belmont “eventually close?” The MBTA has been concurrently cutting back on 74/75 and 72/75(Sunday) bus transit to Belmont Center for years What alternative is there other than UBER? or LYFT soon?

    1. The T always wants to cut the number of stations — from a system perspective, it’s good for speed. Trip speed means more riders, so it can be good for the majority — except, of course, users of the closed stations.

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