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  1. I don’t see a point in listening to anyone telling me that GMO foods are OK for us. They may or may not be – I still want to know if GMOs are in the foods I pay for with my money. I think I’m entitled to it. For that reason I’m not sure this forum is a good use of my time.

    GMO technologies are very complex — consumers cannot be expected to understand all those technologies – but we live in a free country where everyone is entitled to their beliefs, concerns, even prejudices.

    For example, if I’m morally opposed to eating animal flesh (which is not a problem for most other people), I still have a right to know if there is meat in the foods I buy. Ditto for GMOs.

    Also, it’s not just about us, humans. It is a fact that GMO technologies are changing soil ecology, and lead to unintended consequences. Modern single crop agriculture interferes with the balance of valuable bacterial organisms in the soil, with insects and animals. I just read an article the other day about plant species disappearing due to changes in soil bioms. Monsanto’s Round-Up anyone?

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