MyRWA Clean Water Committee

Earlier this month at the Social Innovation Forum, the Mystic River Watershed Association’s Executive Director, EkOngKar Singh Khalsa, spoke to the value of the Mystic River in our communities.

Access to the Mystic River and awareness of the value it provides underpin the success of Mystic River Watershed Association’s efforts. Without access we cannot create awareness; without awareness we cannot create change.

The Mystic River creates value for its communities in some obvious and less obvious ways. Being in nature reduces stress, increases optimism, and improves health and well-being; people value clean water and property prices rise near healthy rivers, lakes and streams; and natural green infrastructure increases climate change resilience. This represents just a sample of the values to be derived.

Through effective outreach, we bring people to the river. Taking part in our research and recreational programs, they discover the watershed is a valuable resource worth fighting for.

Through advocacy, we are building an enthusiastic coalition of residents, businesses and public officials committed to improve the health of the river.

The successful cleanup of Boston Harbor and the Charles River highlight the value of investing in the Mystic River now. The Mystic offers the same promise: providing an expansive, popular green space for residents of this highly urbanized environment.

Completing the work before us will affect hundreds of thousands of people and impact our region for decades to come.

MyRWA is the voice of this river and is leading the way: to a healthy Mystic enjoyed by all. I am asking for you to keep this in mind and help spread the awareness through your networks to help us achieve our mission.

Thank you kindly,

Karen L. Grossman
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