More Red Line Woes

Will, since you posted the information about the poor service on the Red Line, it seems like it’s gotten worse — or at least no better.  Yesterday the train I was on at evening rush hour sat at Charles for at least 15 minutes, the engineer saying helplessly, “We can’t move, there’s no where to go.”  Apparently there was some sort of “cable” problem that caused the back-up.  This morning my T alert tells me there are “severe” delays on the Red Line due to a disabled train.  Getting to work on time (and getting home in the evening) seems like a basic need, and if we can’t rely on the T, we have a very big problem.  The Governor should be held accountable.

One reply on “More Red Line Woes”

  1. To his credit, he has accepted accountability for this mess.

    It’s going to take time to make the investments in rolling stock and infrastructure that are necessary to improve reliability.

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