Meeting Notes for 10/23/14 Comm. Ave. Green Line Public Meeting

Senator Brownsberger hosted a public meeting on October 23 at which MBTA personnel outlined a proposal to consolidate four Green Line stops along Commonwealth Avenue. The project would turn BU West, St. Paul, Babcock, and Pleasant into two fully accessible stations to help reduce travel times and improve safety.

Approximately 60 members of the public attended and provided feedback on the proposal. We provide the meeting comments and questions here.

You may also be interested in viewing the BNN news segment with Senator Brownsberger and Erik Stoothoff, Chief Engineer of MBTA Design and Construction.

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  1. Consolidation of stops is a good idea, this project must be planned and scheduled simultaneously with the roadway project.In addition a plea to preserve the few remaining Olmsted era elms near Sullivan Tire.
    Thank you for the website.

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