Latest Non-Competition Agreement News

I heard on the radio that there was some movement on limiting non-competes in Massachusetts – is that still likely to happen? The description sounded like very weak sauce – restricting to “only” a year, for example. In my opinion if we want to compete with silicon valley for innovation, we should be at least matching California’s position here (just ban em completely) and maybe pushing even further (also ban non-solicits? haven’t really thought this through).

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  1. The speaker has indicated that the House will do a bill. I do expect him to make that happen. We’ll see what it looks like and take it from there. Glad to see that progress occur.

    You can read more about my views on the issue in this category thread (links above the post).

  2. The final outcome in 2016 was very disappointing. The House and Senate both passed strong bills, but we were not able to reach agreement on critical details as the session wound down. We were very close, but the clock ran out. I’m very hopeful that we can get to Yes relatively early in the 2017 session.

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