Identity theft – Difficulty establishing “fraud alerts” beyond three months

Though the credit companies make a 3 mo. fraud alert easy to institute, to extend the alert for 7 years the consumer must jump through hoops. There should be an easy way for a consumer to enact a long term fraud alert that continues until removal is requested. The alert merely prohibits the issuance of credit without confirmation from the consumer’s given phone number. The 3 or 4 credit companies handle our information and pass it to banks without a blink, but for the consumer to restrict access is a major effort.

See the requirements from the
Equifax form:

Extended Fraud Alert Request Form
To place an extended fraud alert on your credit file please send to Equifax – via Fax or US Mail – a valid police report,
law enforcement agency report, or US Postal service report that allege mail theft. In addition, please provide a photocopy
of one item from each of the categories below in order to verify your identification and address. The item you
select from the identity category must contain your Social Security number and the item you select from the address
category must contain your current mailing address.
Identity Address
*Social Security Card *Drivers License
*Pay Stub with Social Security Number *Rental Lease Agreement/House Deed
*W2 Form”

Who wants to mail a copy of a police report, a social security care or a pay stub? Who wants to mail a copy of a driver’s license or the other requirements?

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