State-sponsored jobs for youth

There are important signs for hope. There are many organizations which recruit talented youth in Boston-ABCD, the Urban League, the Roxbury Resource Center (part of the City of Boston), to name a few. There are numerous organizations providing training opportunities. Boston is about to launch a STEM school at Dearborn, for example. What is needed is for more employers to supply jobs with real career potential. We need government to match what the employers put up, so that minimum wages csn be paid for good quality job career tracks. This could be done with a tax credit, to help small businesses play a role in addressing the lack of opportunity for inner city youth.

One reply on “State-sponsored jobs for youth”

  1. Thank you for speaking out on this, Alice.

    I am particularly supportive of the cluster of programs run by the Boston Private Industry Council, which leverage public funding to connect Boston high school students to job opportunities. This program is very important in Brighton. We didn’t get the amendment that I offered in the Senate budget, but I hope we can do better in the conference committee process.

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