Green Line Update

Based upon public input received at the Public Information Meeting on Green Line Capacity Issues & Solutions held on January 17, 2013, Senator Brownsberger along with other elected officials sent Transportation Secretary Richard Davey a letter dated March 28, 2013 summarizing the issues and a potential timeline for solutions.

Senator Brownsberger met with Dr. Beverly Scott, MBTA General Manager, on April 22, 2013 to discuss the content of the above letter.  Dr. Scott was joined by several of her MBTA colleagues who provided the Senator with thorough updates about a variety of initiatives currently underway and in the planning stages to enhance Green Line service and reduce congestion.  Dr. Scott sent Senator Brownsberger this letter as a summary of her follow-up on the April meeting.

Dr. Scott and Senator Brownsberger met this afternoon, June 24, 2013, to review the follow-up letter for the April meeting.  We expect to share with you a letter summarizing this most recent meeting soon.

Michael Buckley
Legislative Counsel & Policy Advisor
Office of Senator Will Brownsberger

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  1. Thanks for the update/info! Glad to see you following up on this issue.

  2. Thanks for the additional update.

    When you have a chance to follow-up with Dr. Scott again, you might want to ask why the T has neglected to implement Transit Signal Priority on the Beacon Street “C” branch.

    I realize it is a bit out of the Senator’s district but, the Beacon Street signals are modernized and ready to be outfitted — unlike Commonwealth Avenue — and it would be a very cheap and easy demonstration of the technology. Apparently, the Town of Brookline is just waiting for the MBTA to be willing to hook up to their control system. Any improvement in scheduling reliability helps all of the branches.

  3. We have heard from MBTA staff that they remain in constant contact witht he Town of Brookline regarding this issue. At this time, the Town of Brookline would like to conduct its own traffic signal study to assess the benefits or disadvantage such a program may create. In addition, the T does not currently have a way to merge its current system with the Town’s. Therefore, they feel further collaboration is necessary to make this program feasible. With the implementation of Green Line Tracking this collaboration will become possible.
    Barbara Miranda, Chief of Staff

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