Letter re preservation support for the Church of the Covenant

March 5, 2013


 Brona Simon, Executive Director & State Historic Preservation Officer

Massachusetts Historical Commission

220 Morrissey Boulevard,

Boston, Massachusetts 02125

 Dear Ms. Simon:

 I am pleased to write in support of the application for a grant by the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund of the Massachusetts Historical Commission to the Church of the Covenant in Boston.

 Earlier this year, the National Park Service designated National Historic Landmark status to the church in recognition of its historic and preservation value. In addition to the treasure of its interior with the Tiffany stained glass, the church is also well known for its social and cultural outreach efforts as evidenced by the programs it houses: the Women’s Lunch Place, the Weekend Emergency Food Cupboard, and Coro Allegro, and the numerous other organizations that have used the building regularly.

 The Church is challenged by its stewardship responsibilities. A comprehensive building assessment has identified critical repairs to address leaking slate roofs and deteriorated brownstone and Roxbury puddingstone masonry. A stained glass window assessment has also evaluated the conservation priorities of the windows. The request in this grant is to address these vulnerabilities in order to preserve the building and prevent further deterioration or damage to its artistic and architectural treasures. These repairs will ensure access for the public to appreciate this historic space and increase opportunities for community use.

 I encourage the Commission to support this grant application. The Church of the Covenant is an important institution in the District I represent, and in the city of Boston—both in terms of its historic treasures and rich legacy of leadership in social outreach.



 William N. Brownsberger


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