Fixing transportation issues in Brighton

How about building an underground train (under the water) to come through Oak Sq. to Newton Corner or Watertown Center? It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to go downtown from Oak Sq. and we live in Boston. Bus #57 stops every few seconds to pick up and drop B.U students and we have to wait forever for B.U students to get in and out of the bus or the Green Line train because the pay system is so time consuming if you do not have a Charlie card. It forces people to drive which is bad for the environment and for the use of our time. Taking the bus via the Turnpike is not cheap. It takes 10 minutes from downtown to get to harvard Sq. in Cambridge and they are building more subway trains and stops in Somerville thanks to Capuano who pushes for more federal dollars spent in his home town. What about us in Brighton?

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