"Affordable" Housing-What's next?

I would like to find out what can be done to “save” “affordable” and (wheelchair accessible) housing. In the early 1970’s to 1980’s much of the nation’s “affordable” housing which now houses elderly, disabled and low-income families with children was built. Prospective developers got government subsidies from the tax payers (all of us) and many landlords used the “profits” to build even larger real estate “empires” which now include luxury condos and astronomically priced apartment rental buildings where the “average” person cannot afford to live. At the end of the 30 or 40 year mortgage period, many of such landlords are now opting out of the subsidies and forcing elderly, working poor and people with disabilities out on the streets. I would argue that there always needs to be a place for elderly on a fixed income, or disabled or working poor people to live since wages and jobs have not remained constant. Should private citizens form their own
“housing trusts” in order to be able to buy real estate and build a nice apartment? What would Will Brownsberger suggest to change housing policy?