Departure platform moved to improve #73 and #71 bus service

Platform Change

As of Monday, April 28 the departure platform for MBTA buses #73 and #71 going to Belmont and Watertown during Monday through Saturday will now be on the lower busway of Harvard Station. Departure on Sundays and holidays will be on the upper busway. This change should help improve service times and is a direct result of passenger input received by the MBTA.

Letter Response

You may read the letter from MBTA General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott to Senator  Brownsberger outlining her response to service issues and the efforts being made to address them.

71 and 73  platform change

7 replies on “Departure platform moved to improve #73 and #71 bus service”

  1. Thank you. Moving the buses to the lower busway has made a big difference in the traveling time, especially when heading home from work in the evening.

  2. Thank you for sharing the letter from Beverly Scott – very informative.

  3. Yes, evening commute has been better this week since they moved buses back to the lower platform. You know we’ll keep you posted!

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