A Transit Disappointment

MassDOT has formally revealed its intention to delay construction of the new West Station in Allston, frustrating hopes for the rapid introduction of additional commuting options from congested Allston, Brighton and Brookline and further lowering expectations for transformational new urban rail service.

MBTA Improvements

Two recent presentations by the MBTA show good progress towards future improvements: Red Line Capacity Constraints A recent comprehensive study of the Red Line indicated that a new vehicles, signal upgrades and operations improvements could result in major service improvements and an increase in system throughput, effectively increasing capacity. Automated Fare Collection 2.0 AFC 2.0 will be a completely […]

Leadership — the scarce resource in the transportation system

Leadership is scarce in the transportation system in Massachusetts. By that, I emphatically do not mean that the current leadership is weak. Rather, I mean that every management team has a finite capacity to plan and to solve problems and that the range of challenges facing MassDOT’s management team is very broad.