Changing Expectations for the Green Line

At our recent forum about the Green Line’s future, MBTA General Manager Frank DePoala offered hope for continuous improvement of reliability and modest resulting capacity increases, but no hope for big capacity increases within the visible planning horizon. The dose of reality he offered about the long term will require some time to digest.

Meeting Notes for 10/23/14 Comm. Ave. Green Line Public Meeting

Senator Brownsberger hosted a public meeting on October 23 at which MBTA personnel outlined a proposal to consolidate four Green Line stops along Commonwealth Avenue. The project would turn BU West, St. Paul, Babcock, and Pleasant into two fully accessible stations to help reduce travel times and improve safety.

MBTA Designing Improvements to Green Line

This BNN News interview with Senator Brownsberger and Erik Stoothoff, Chief Engineer of MBTA Design and Construction, looks at the planned improvements to the Commonwealth Avenue Green Line proposed by the MBTA to consolidate four B branch stops: BU West, St. Paul, Babcock, and Pleasant, down to two new accessible stops to help reduce travel times and improve safety.