6 replies on “Brighton Avenue Bus Lanes”

  1. How will bikes and bus share the lane? What about delivery trucks that park in that lane while offloading?

  2. The major problem is on Cambridge Street near the intersection with Harvard Street. I catch the 57 at least twice a day and no matter what the time is, trucks, Fedex , UPS, USPS and other large vehicles are allowed to double park without any restrictions. This is what delays the bus and the police have to be told not to allow it.

  3. This was a well intended idea to improve efficiency for MBTA travel. However, there is a big problem with this new lane. When the police are not conducing traffic enforcement, the overwhelming majority of motorists drive in the bus lane, even if they are not taking the next right hand turn.

    If motorists are not going to follow this new traffic pattern (which they do not) and if it causes more traffic congestion for motorists (which it has), the city should remove this ill advised experiment from our roadways.

    This new bus only lane severely restricts road accessibility for other motorists in the city.

    This bus lane should be removed and made available to all motorists.

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