Beer Distributor Reform

In today’s (Thur) Globe (front of Business section) there is piece about removing the archaic restrictions where brewers are essentially held hostage by distributors. There is a bill before the Senate to reform that.The head of the Beer Distributors of Mass, Bill Kelley, whines on about how this change would hurt working families. Cry me a river. By far, the beneficiaries of the current system are the distribtors, not consumers or brewers. I don’t expect DeLeo to allow it to move forward, but the Senate should press it anyway.

Your thoughts?

One reply on “Beer Distributor Reform”

  1. I fully support removing the statutory rules binding brewers to distributors.

    The one thing I wouldn’t do is pass a law that would abrogate existing contracts which brewers might have signed with distributors. I don’t think we can alter a private contract.

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