Back Bay/ Fenway/ Longwood Medical Area Transportation Studies

Senator Brownsberger, along with legislative colleagues and neighborhood associations, submitted a letter to Chairman David Mohler of the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (Boston MPO) requesting a transportation study be conducted by the Central Transportation Planning Staff.

This study would have included an assessment of expected development throughout the Back Bay, Fenway, and Longwood Medical Area as it would contribute to projected traffic growth.  This study would have also examined the existing traffic capacity and future traffic congestion issues that may arise from additional development.  A comprehensive analysis of traffic growth across these three neighborhoods would enhance planning efforts currently underway in several different studies and discussions, including studies focused on the addition of Turnpike ramps in the Back Bay and Fenway, repair or elimination of the Bowker Overpass, repair or downsizing of Storrow Drive, expansion of Green Line capacity, expansion of crosstown services that reduce Green Line congestion, extension of the Silver Line, and commuter rail enhancements at Yawkey and Ruggles Stations.

While the request was not accepted by the Boston MPO under the draft Fiscal Year 2014 Unified Planning Work Program, Senator Brownsberger wrote a second letter to Chairman Mohler reemphasizing the increased pressure on the transportation infrastructure and limitations of public transit across these three communities that will result from anticipated development.  Senator Brownsberger hopes that the Boston MPO’s planning process will incorporate the scope of expected development in future transportation studies.

Michael Buckley
Legislative Counsel & Policy Advisor
Office of Senator Will Brownsberger