2020 Census Job Opportunities

The 2020 Census is quickly approaching. As part of Census Efforts, the U.S. Census Bureau is hiring thousands of temporary jobs for census takers to ensure a complete count.

Massachusetts needs 54,000 applicants for 2020 Census efforts, but only has received about 17,000 applications so far. Census takers must be hired from all communities across the Commonwealth to ensure a complete count.

The pay range for these jobs are $22.50-$27.50 per hour. Working as a census taker for the 2020 Census is a great way to make extra money while helping your community.

Ways to Apply

Online: Click here for a 2020 Census job online.

In person: The U.S. Census Bureau is also hosting a 2020 Job Application Fair with a Census recruiter in Allston at Charlesview (123 Antwerp St., Allston MA) on Thursday, January 23, 2020 from 5-8PM. This event is open to anyone interested in working for the Census in Massachusetts.

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  1. Hi Will,
    Michael did it 10 years ago, and applied for the 2020 Census. He hasn’t heard from them yet, and is hoping for a good word from you!
    Thanks so much, and Merry Christmas!
    Melissa Mitchell

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