T putting up digital ads around Common

In the Globe today:

Honestly this is a good idea. I think the preservationists are being a bit extreme on this one. The “billboards” would be the size of a TV. Those stations are in heavily commercial neighborhoods already so adding these ads would in no way harm the “character” of the neighborhood. From the article:

“One of the Park Street Station entrances that would be equipped with a digital panel is directly in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, and Capital One — each of which already has a large sign facing the Common.”

The T will be able to provide the public with train information and also continue to generate additional revenue at no cost to the public. This is a no brainer and the T should be supported for doing this not faught by NIMBYs.

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  1. Digital signs are designed to catch one’s eye, flashing and changing colors in order to attract one’s attention.
    These distractions and flashing lights negatively affect our immediate environment and the small measure of peace that the Common can still provide in the busy and noisy heart of the City. They are therefore things to be leery of. It is not NIMBY, it is taking stock of how commercial ads and activities directly affect us, which may be in subliminal ways, as well as obvious. That we have allowed large, commercial advertising signs adjacent the Common or Public Garden in the past is not a reason to compound the problem. Perhaps, instead, we will learn from our mistakes and guard against making them again. I am very pleased that Senators Brownsberger and Boncore, and Representatives Livingston, Michlewitz and Rushing, expressed their sentiments regarding this matter.

  2. This is a horrible idea. It is not to inform the public about the T, but a revenue tax. These led billboards are on the highways andare light pollution at best and traffic hazards at worst. They don’t belong in a natural setting like the public parks. Put them inside the station, please.

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