Silver Maple Forest Video- 5 minutes



This video traces some of the history and highlights of the regional (Cambridge, Belmont and Arlington) community efforts to protect the silver maple forest and the vital floodplain protection for these communities and downstream towns and cities of the Mystic River watershed and the Boston Harbor.
We abhor empire building and cheap land purchases on the Mystic River watershed for personal gain and without community participation and Wetlands Protection Act enforcement, and without a fair state hearing, whereby the state’s Attorney General’s office virtually represented the developer and the DEP against the conservationists in Superior Court.  We hope that the Superior Court Judge will take into account all of the noted professional witnesses, testimonies and cross-examiniations that were omitted from the final DEP decision against the plaintiffs and Belmont Conservation Commission.


For Friends of Alewife Reservation

Ellen Mass, President

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President Friends of Alewife Reservation

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  1. Thanks Will,
    Means alot coming from you.

    IF you look closely at the end, Google Earth is zooming away from silver maple forest, and google earth gives a very good sense of the importance of that green spot on the Mystic river watershed in relation to boston Harbor.

    Hope you, Senator Tolman, former Selectmen Solomon and Leclerk will appreciate our capturing you at YOUR silver maple forest hearings in 2007 which brought over 100 people to the state house to support your HB 21 which passed the House and the Senate.

    Let’s hope the appraisal will help us conserve this vital floodplain forest.

    Ellen Mass

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