Silver Maple forest Bill

Why is there not more posting about the many events that show efforts to retain the preservation of the silver maple forest by Belmont, Arlington and Cambridge residents. And why do we not hear about the re-filing of the silver maple forest acquisition bill. After a 4 session trial with DEP on the matter, and the passing of many motions in Cambridge and a session with City Councilors and you and 15 other environmental leaders in our region with staff of EOEEA, we would think that the issue may be considered very alive and well on your land protection¬† platform for 2009. Please let us know where you stand. Thanks for being willing to speak to the silver maple forest issue at the Democratic Convention recently in Springfield Mass. where the “open space” silver maple preservation issue passed as an amendment on the floor of the state convention under the topic of “urban wild” and “open space” preservation “by any means necessary”.

Please let we public know what you might consider doing about this important issue in your district so we can support your efforts.
Ellen Mass


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President Friends of Alewife Reservation

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  1. Water has to go somewhere. It already winds up in my basement under certain conditions. If building there is going to mean more water in more basements, then let’s kill this plan.

    1. The Silver Maple Forest is a valuable piece of urban wild that could be a wonderful addition to the Alewife Reservation. Preserving the forest is the right thing to fight for. Right now, the issue is drifting a little. On the one hand, the recession is probably protecting the forest. On the other, Governor Patrick’s opposition to preservation of the forest has prevented us from making progress towards permanent protection. A number of people, including me, continue to hope for a way forward, but we need to find a way to turn the Governor around on this.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for speaking out on this issue and for all you are doing for the Forest! I would really welcome more material on this site related to the work we have been doing. Maybe you could get Linda to write up the meeting that we did with the Governor’s people and summarize her efforts on this issue. I think that is an important development!


  3. Yes, a valuable piece of “urban wild”. How about then all of those that want this piece of property get together and BUY it with their OWN MONEY? Other than that, the actions of the town to prevent development of the property have resulted in lower tax revenues, which have to be made up elsewhere, either with tax increases or reduced services.

    Perhaps the question should be phrased “How many teachers should we lay off to keep the fetid mess that is the “urban wild”?

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