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  1. Senator Brownsberger:

    Has there been any progress on SOL Reform
    pending in the Judiciary Committee?

    John Sweeney
    Raped 1969

  2. Senator Brownsberger:

    Was the bill H1455 that came out on the house side, or a compromise? Was the Vote favorable?

    John Sweeney

  3. For all of victims of child sex abuse, A bill was released from the Judiciary with a Favorable Vote last week. The devil is in the details, and we won’t know what is in the bill because it has been amended, with a new bill number.
    Keep praying.

    John Sweeney
    Raped 1969

  4. Senator:.
    If it was a solid bill it would have a 1 year window. 40% of sex abuse victims are older than 55.

    John Sweeney
    raped 1969

  5. Dear Senator Brownsberger,

    As you know, it’s been a long road for many of us survivors of childhood rape and sex abuse. We counted on those in power to acquire justice for us but it seems that it will not be a reality for us. The way I see it is that it is almost as if you all were polling or researching us to see how many of us there were and how old we were. In my experience, most of the survivors I have met are older than the 53 years that you listed in your new bill. I being one of them at 55. Where is our one year “window”??? Where is our justice???

    You say thank you for all of our hard work for helping this bill to be brought up to 53 at least….but where is our reward? Will our generation of survivors never see justice before we die? I am truly saddened and will not accept NO JUSTICE for an answer…


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